CYBELE® Nanosrim Gel (Nanoslimming Gel)
Shaping – A new Trend !

A new revolutionary topical fat loss cream, a patented formula combination of lipolytic substances from natural blended botanical extracts help to reduce fatty deposits and minimize skin’s puffy appearance in problem areas, designed to specifically target and minimize fat deposits in troubled areas of the body. CYBELE® Nanosrim Gel was engineered to shuttle its ingredients directly to regions of the body that most need it.

Differently form traditional slimming product ingredients, one of our patented CYBELE® Nanosrim Gel ingredient is a novel molecule acting imultaneously at a cellular level (adipocytes) on the three metabolic process involved in fat storage in three cited pathways (Lipogenesis, lipolysis and adipogenesis). Its unique triple action, scientifically proven, the global solution to combat the problem of fat excess in the adipose tissue, result in treatment, prevention and keeping-fit

CYBELE® Nanosrim Gel uses an effective and advanced “Nanosphere Delivery Technology” its third generation of advance delivery system. So that every time you use it, the active ingredients are delivered precisely to your problem areas to break down your stubborn fat cells and worked deep within the skin’s surface to improve skin elasticity, firmness and smoothness

The unique nanotechnology formula with its natural scent, will absorb quickly with no greasy feel. CYBELE® Nanosrim Gel is being proven to effectively reduce the abdominal girth with prolonged use, so skin will be noticeably smoother and less dimpled ensuring the actually feel and see the difference with 10 days!

How to Use : Apply the gel twice daily in the morning and night into targeted areas, gently massage until the gel is fully absorbed. Warming feeling sometimes occured recommend regularly used.

Pack Size : 100 ml in Plastic jar bottle

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