Stretch Marks Prevention Cream

Censtria®: What is it for?

Censtria® is a combination of Natural Extracts and is scientifically proven to

• prevent the development of stretch marks
• smoothen existing stretch marks
• reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks
• strengthen the skin and improve the collagen structure
• relieve dryness in stretched skin
• keep the skin moist and supple

Censtria®: How does it work?

• Inhibits the over production of collagen
• Promotes and regulates the production of collagen Type I and Type III homeostasis
• Stops the conversion of the mature fibrocytes to myofibroblasts
• Stimulates the production of collagen via TGF-beta activation
• Repairs extracellular matrix damages and firms the skin
• Hydrates and soothes the damaged skin
• Protects and stimulates regeneration of the skin
• Stimulates cell growth and tissue repair
• Inhibits inflammation and reddening of the skin
• Softens the skin and prevents a dry, irritated and vulnerable skin
• Inhibits tyrosinase synthesis and reduce skin hyperpigmentation

Censtria®: What does it contain?

• Allantion
• Centella Asiatica
• Aloe vera Extract
• Nanohydroxyprolisilane CN
• Oalmitoyl Tripeptide-5
• Sequalene Oil (OleoEuropeae) 10%
• DL-Penthenol
• Paper Mulberry Extract

Censtria®: How do I apply for?

• Apply the cream generously to the affected area and gently massage into the skin
• For best result, apply twice daily (morning and night)
• Make sure the skin is completely dry before application

Non-greasy cream
Convenient and easy to apply
Cost effective and affordable

Size: 50gm and 100 gm

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