CYBELE® Aging Defence Serum
10% and 20% Argireline with Natural Botanical Extracts and Four Peptides Complexes

A revolutionary natural formula combined with natral botanical extracts that Thais have used for generations to rejuvenate skin , scientifically proven to improve skin elasticity , flexibility and firmness. The nano formula will rejuvenate your facial skin, giving you a younger look and feel.

A combination of four essential Peptide Complexes, Argireline in a 10% and 20% concentration designed to relax the facial muscles which contract to reveal lines and wrinkles while Peptide Pal GQPR effects firmly and
delineated together with Collagen Stimulating Peptide® will help to significantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles,

CYBELE® Aging Defence Serum, the ultimate anti wrinkle product for the face. The advanced formula serum contains a cocktail of Four Essential PEPTIDE COMPLEXES in an active documented with a large number of dermatological studies together with natural botanical extracts :a high intensity an aging product for all skin types, prevent repetitive creasing from forming in to new wrinkles, whilst reducing the depth of existing wrinkles leaving skin smoother, fresher and more youthful appearance

Recommended: CYBELE® Aging Defence Serum 10% for under 40 Years old with light wrinkles and 20% for age over 40 Years old with more mature skin

How to Use : Apply a few drops, gently massage into affected area (Crow's feet, frown lines). Use morning and night daily until results are visible better. After 30 days, apply once daily to maintain and enhance results.

Skin Type : All Skin Types

Pack size : 15 ml in Serum Glass Bottle : 10% Argireline
                        15 ml in Serum Glass Bottle : 20% Argireline

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