CYBELE® Bust firming and Enhancement cream
Natural Botanical Extracts with Collagen Stimulating Peptide

CYBELE® Bust firming and Enhancement cream is a unique all natural formula made exclusively of plant extracts that rejuvenates the skin to increase the firmness, tone and shape of the bust while putting an end to sagging. By working in harmony with the body, the results you experience can be both rapid and profound. Clients observe noticeable improvement in weeks. The most common results include: reduction of sagging breasts, creation of tighter cleavage, and a noticeably fuller look and feel

CYBELE® Bust firming and Enhancement cream is designed to start working immediately with visible results within 14 days. Although every woman's body is different, on average there have been noticeable improvements within 30 days and sizeable enhancements within 60 days.

Although CYBELE® Bust firming and Enhancement cream is 100% safe to use it is also very effective. CYBELE® Bust firming and Enhancement cream is non-comedogenic, non-irritating and non-staining.

Like thousands of other woman who have used this formula, you will be amazed when you actually start seeing your own breasts begin to tone and grow. Within a few months it is normal to experience a full cup size in growth.

How to Use : Use twice daily better after bath or shower and before beds. Apply a small amount onto fingertips and apply in circular, upwards motions underneath and around the entire breast, avoiding the nipples. Rub until product is fully absorbed. Results should begin to appear after 2-3 weeks of consistant use, peak results usually appear after about 2 months.

Pack size : 45 ml in Glass Jar Bottle

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