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Our Innovations

Varieties of Thai herbs with more than a hundred years legacy have been selected and carefully screened. The main criteria are those with proven scientific research and proven medicinal properties.

The most advanced technology from the west; Collagen Stimulating Peptide Technology is used for restructuring and rebuilding new collagen and nanosphere delivery system, thus providing optimal results and are safe to use.

Combinations of these herbs with natural ingredients resulted in cosmeceutical products which enhance the health and beauty of the skin.

Cosmeceuticals is the new frontier in skin care. We are continuously moving ahead with our researches and development of herbal remedies to bring you the most Innovative and Advance Skin Care products with the Harmony of the East and West.

Our product lines provide solutions and alternatives to where other mainstream brands have faltered and besides being unique in specific therapeutic areas, our products are competitively priced.

Our success comes from our high level of care for our customers and the world we share. We will continue to be a socially and ecologically responsible company and practice the best principles and manufacturing techniques and standards to benefit the healthcare and skin care industry.

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